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Who Are We?

We are an established group of clothing manufacturers cum exporters, who have been in the clothing industry since 2006. Passionately following our dream of producing high-quality fabric and garments for the global retail market, we have defined and refined a stringent quality-control procedure that matches international standards.

We manufacture and export the finest quality clothing materials made from the finest quality fabric.

Why choose us?

Our Mission

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Our Vision

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Our Reach

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Our Growth

Marzo was started with a vision - a vision to make Marzo synonymous with Quality. Since inception, we have progressed gradually-but-steadily towards this goal. Every single member of the Marzo family has laboured and toiled for the success of this organization. The exponential growth in our sales the past few years is the result of this unwavering commitment.

Our Factory


At marzo, we believe that quality comes with commitment. And our garment production unit is a reflection of this commitment. With the latest machinery in the industry, the Marzo production unit stands at par with international production facilities. From knitting to packing, everything is automated with the most advanced technology. This has lent the tags of high efficiency and quality production to the Marzo manufacturing unit. Every step of the production process is engineered to meet time constraints, hence increasing the efficiency tenfold.


The first step of the manufacturing process – knitting – is also the deciding factor behind the make and quality of each tee shirt. With hardware that supports all types of knitting, we make sure that each yard of fibre from our unit is the best. The ultra-modern equipment in our facility also ensures that the most intricate patterns can be woven on our products without breaking a sweat.


Once the fabric is born after knitting, the next step is to lend colour to it, for colour is the beauty of fashion. Our dyeing facility is located on the suburbs of Tiruppur. Here the plain fabric is dipped repeatedly into the coloured water to impart colour to them. Here too the machinery is completely automated and there are also water treatment plants that ensure that the water used meet the prescribed standards.

The soft flow dyeing machines ensure that a seamless production process is maintained throughout without being affected by the extreme conditions in the factory including the humidity, steam and chemicals.


The drying process involves two stages: Pole dryer and Relax dryer.

Pole Dryer

Pole dryer is a dryer that operates by drying the fabric in tubular form. They are known for their fast drying time and unmatched efficiency.

Relax Dryer

Relax dryer is a dryer where the fabrics are dried on conveyor belts, onto which the fabrics are allowed to tumble on. A number of other techniques are also involved, like overfeeding the fabric to the conveyor belt so as to compensate for length shrinkage and also for better handling of the fabric. Here the fabric retains its natural form hence attaining dimensional stability.


The next step in the fabric manufacturing process involves compacting the knitted fabric so as to reduce shrinkage. This also ensures that the fabric stays fit when stitched into a tee shirt


Once all the other processes are completed, the fabric should be pleated or folded and ready for the tee shirt manufacturing.

T-Shirt Production


As the name suggests, cutting involves snipping the manufactured fabric to the desired shape and length.


The next step in the process involves the actual process of stitching the cut fabric. Here though, we possess a stitching unit that has over 500 sewing machines. Imported from Japan and Korea, these are some of the best in the industry.


Designs are what give meaning to fashion. Our next step takes care of this. Our world-class embroidery unit gives you an option to choose from a range of embroidery styles, designs and colours. We even support applique work.

Buttons And Buttonholes

The next step involves sewing in the buttons and buttonholes on products that require it. This includes polo T-shirts.

Quality Check

The next step and the most crucial, according to us is our quality check. A careful inspection of each piece of product ensures that only the highest quality garments leave our production facility.


Once the quality check is done, the garments are passed to our pressing unit where the T-shirts are steam ironed and pressed.


The final step involved packing each unit carefully and getting them ready for shipping and dispatch.

Our Factory

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